NEoN Digital Arts – A hybrid mix of exhibitions, installations, audio & performance

Dates: 9th – 13th November 2016
Where: across the city of Dundee
'Paperholm', Charles Young, 2014-2016 copy

‘Paperholm’, Charles Young, 2014-2016

The Spaces We’re In

Physical urban space and virtual information space are inseparably intertwined. How does being digital change our sense of our spatial surroundings? Can we play in or animate the hybrid or glitched spaces in-between? Is there negative space in cyberspace?!

For this year’s edition of our annual festival, NEoN Digital Arts is asking artists to get to know better the spaces we are in, and consider alternatives uses and futures for them, both virtually and materially. Dundee has always been a city in transition, and the digital media sector continues to be an important part of that reinvention. NEoN will interrogate the materials that make up our built environment – from air and glass, to cardboard and concrete to circuits and steel – and the designed devices we use to navigate it.

The full programme will be published here soon.