The over arching curatorial theme this year is Character: evaluating the abstracted or physical agent in a work of art; investigation of the fictional or psychological systems; observation of the unit of information, symbol, sound or written language. Through this focused dimension NEoN intends to explore the notion of collaboration between visual art, information communication, media production and gaming that will expand digital development and knowledge.

NEoN are pleased to be delivering a packed festival programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions, commissions, screenings, performance and more at many of Dundee’s cultural, business and public spaces. NEoN 10 is proud to be working with Japanese artist Akinori Oishi, graphics duo TADO and artists from the eponymous Berlin-based project Pictoplasma. Cross sector speakers such as Ian Livingstone from EIDOS, Ian Anderson from Designers Republic and artist/entrepreneur Lars Denicke will stimulate debates around development, design and digital character play.

NEoN will exchange knowledge in key areas such as new business models, digital developments and latest production techniques. It will expand on the notion that art, digital media and games communities can come together to explore new collaborations and open up new levels of opportunities. NEoN will showcase new technology, new software and new art forms that will inevitably have a developmental and cultural impact on the sectors context and will encourage growth in many areas.

This year NEoN has offered work placements to local students and they are working on a verity of things such as web development, marketing and logistics. Here is what some of them have to say …

“I am excited to be involved in NEoN purely for the fact that digital media is the now and will keep growing, and to be a part of one of the biggest up and coming festivals in the field is unbelievable not to mention a good laugh.” Tommy Stewart

“I see Neon 2010 as a great opportunity to promote Dundee’s design and creative community and I wish to be part of it.” John Patterson

We are also lucky to have on board Asuka Miki who is currently studying towards her MSc Animation and Visualization. Before coming to the UK Asuka worked in the media industry in Tokyo. She spent 10 years as an animation production manager and web director for 2D animation and entertainment websites. Asuka is working along side our marketing team and now tackling the UK media.



NEoN Conference is a two day event featuring a cross sector of inspirational speakers from the world of gaming, digital media and technology driven arts.

Venue: Centre of Excellence, University of
Abertay Dundee
Date: 11th-12th November 2010

International App Development Conference & AppJam

This key conference, organised by Dundee College and part-funded by the Interreg ‘Creative City Challenge’ project www.creative-city-challege.net, will bring together the very best in professional app development from around the North Sea Region.

Venue: Discovery Point, Dundee
Date: 8th-10th November 2010

NEoN Exhibitions & Commissions Akinori Oishi








Akinori Oishi is a self-confessed ‘drawaholic’ who immerses himself in a landscaped playground where hierarchies have disappeared. Oishi is best known for his typographic language that seems to have no beginning or end.

Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Date: 13th November ‘10 – 28th January ‘11

Pictoplasma – A Link to Dundee

For NEoN, Pictoplasma produces a new series of character costumes: hairy, friendly beings full of positive energy. The characters function as a communicative entity and link between archaic interaction and social networks. Several smiling siblings will invade Dundee during the festival, mingle with the visitors and go for the city in urban interventions.

Venue: The City of Dundee
Date: 8th-14th November 2010

TADO Cityscape

In collaboration with Akinori Oishi, TADO are
working on a collaborative commission that will
change the landscape of one of Dundee’s main
shopping streets.

Venue: Union Street & secret locations!
Date: 8th-14th November 2010

NEoN Salon – Digital Curator

Sarah Cook & Clive Gillman discuss both the creation and the curation of digital artwork.

NEoN Salon – Digital Narrative

Pernille Spence & Chris Murry discuss the difference and use of narrative across art platforms.

NEoN Salon – A little bit cheeky! (Adults Only)

When discussing drivers of technology one cannot exclude the adult entertainment market. Technology spreads it and its demand for content means the business has adopted technology.


The People vs. George Lucas
Anna Higgs from Quark Films introduces a special screening of The People vs. George Lucas.

Venue: Dundee Contemporary Arts
Date: 11th November 2010


Discovery Exhibition George Barber / The Long Commute, Jaygo Bloom / Arcade

This year, for the first time, Discovery Film Festival will also occupy DCA’s Galleries, with exciting new work by two of the UK’s most interesting video artists.

Venue: Dundee Contemporary Arts
Date: 16 October – 14 November

NEoN Literary

Creative writing workshops exploring Character; this year’s theme for NEoN

Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Date: 16th October 2010


NEoN Fun Day

NEoN Digital Park – Digital Play for the Whole Family










NEoN Party in the Car Park

NEoN presents an evening of performance, music, installations and digital happenings all under the one venue – a car park – floor 6/7 of an under appreciated multi-story car park. On site facilities include a bar, food outlets, toilets and friendly first aid volunteers.

Venue: Green Market Carpark
Date: 13th November 2010