Scotland’s Only Digital Arts Festival

A hybrid mix of exhibitions, installations, audio & performance across the city of Dundee

8th – 14th November 2015 – this years curatorial theme explored Asia, specifically North East of North Asia


Touchy: The Human Camera in Dundee 2015

We feel privileged to have been able to deliver an eye-opening range of digital and electronic art from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan all across the city of Dundee.

This year the NEoN festival (North East of North) was delighted to work with internationally renowned artists including Ei Wada, TaeYoon Choi, Eric Siu, Shu Lea Cheang, performance duo Usaginingen and artist group IDPW, many of whom flew in from the east having not presented their work in Scotland before. Also showing work and participating in exhibitions, Pecha Kucha talks, an academic mini symposium, and hands-on workshops were artists Yin-Ju Chen, Ah-bin Shim, Manny Ling and Jung In Jung. The screening programme, included outdoor projections by Internet-famous artists Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries, and work by a range of Japanese and Chinese artists working today including Mineo Aayamaguchi, Akiko Hada, Sun Xun, Xin Ding, Michelle Lee Proksell, Lang Tu, Wang Xin, Lulu Li and Ophelia S. Chan.

Toyko-based artist Ei Wada premiered Sounds from Stripes, an exhibition commissioned for the festival. Ei Wada uses old electric instruments and computers to create multiple instrument performance arrangements and installations made with authentic home-made systems. Wires, old TVs, and hacked videocassettes create a strong DIY aesthetic for his often loud and abstract pieces which have the ability to mesmerize any crowd.

A special guest for the festival this year, with presentations of her pioneering work, was artist Shu Lea Cheang. Along with Touchy: The Human Camera by one of Hong Hong’s most accomplished new media artists, Eric Siu. The multi-talented artist has conceived an interactive tactile camera known as ‘Touchy’ which serves as an actualised social interaction experiment. The touch-driven device separates its wearer from the world, keeping them in the dark until they receive the touch of another human.

TaeYoon Choi, a Korean artist based in New York and co-founder of the School for Poetic Computation lead a workshop in making a 1-bit computer as part of ‘Workshop Wednesday’ and our mini symposium, Rethinking Art’s Digital Futures, hosted Asian artists and performers reflecting on their own processes, demonstrating influences of ways of working from the disparate and shared heritage practices of the North East of North Asia.

Award-winning calligrapher and graphic designer, Manny Ling, created word-based art for the NOMAS Projects site on Ward Road, based on NEoN’s Haikubot. Launched at the Dundee Literary Festival, the Haikubot has been finding accidental poetry in the articles of Dundee’s Courier newspaper and tweeting them online.

The closing night previewed NEoNs own Video Garden, adapting the idea of Nam June Paik’s famous ‘TV Garden’. This showcased early electronic work from the Rewind Artists Film and Video project. This was followed by a performance by Japanese audio-visual performance duo Usaginingen for a night of live electronic music, audio visuals and kinetics.

Thank you to all the artists that took part and also a big thank you to our audience. Here’s to next years festival ….. plans are already under way.