Scotland’s Only Digital Arts Festival

A hybrid mix of exhibitions, installations, audio & performance across the city of Dundee

8th – 14th November 2015


Full programme just announced! Click here to see our full programme.

NEoN aims to advance the understanding and accessibility of digital and technology driven art forms and to encourage high quality within the production of these hybrid mediums. Driving the evolution of digital arts, NEoNs festival explores and redefines its relevance in today’s practice.

By bringing together emerging talent and well-established artists, we aim to influence and reshape the genre, creating opportunities for collaboration and spontaneity that always push beyond expectations. Our program of international and regional artistic exchanges will nurture the arts roots of the region whilst the drawing in the arts world’s greatest talent.

Every year NEoN’s festival has a curatorial theme and this year we are very excited to be exploring Asia, specifically North East of North Asia

The definition of Northeast Asia is not static and often changes according to the context, for NEoN 2015, we are exploring Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

The festival will premiere new work commissioned for NEoN by Japanese artist Ei Wada. His installations are authentic home-made systems – wires, old TVs, hacked videocassettes – a strong DIY aesthetic. Often loud and abstract, his re-contextualised and modified tech has the ability to mesmerize any crowd. Over the coming weeks we will be announcing our programme and introducing you too more of the artists exhibiting or performing as part of this years festival.